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Type 2 Diabetes - The Serious Effect of Low HDL Cholesterol in Diabetics
Heart and blood vessel disease is one of the most serious complications of Type 2 diabetes. Diabetic patients are two and a half times more likely than nondiabetics to have diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including strokes. Strokes occur when a blood vessel supplying oxygen and sugar to the brain either become blocked or bleeds, depriving the brain of oxygen and energy. When a blockage causes a stroke it is called an ischemic stroke. According to an article published in Lipids, Health and Disease in November 2014, scientists at Nanjing University Medical School in China compared the HDL levels in both diabetic patients and nondiabetics to learn how arteries in the brain become blocked. It was found...

Type 2 Diabetes - Perfect These Skills to Help Master Mindful Eating, Part 2
In part one of 'Perfecting Your Skills to Help Master Mindful Eating' I covered two of the main skills needed to master this art. By practising mindful eating, you can enter into the final battle round with problematic eating - and win! It is possible with mindful eating to lower your blood sugar, lose weight and even reverse your Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - Perfect These Skills to Help Master Mindful Eating, Part 1
You are the master of your own destiny - and this includes as a Type 2 diabetic tackling your problems with eating and not being able to ditch the junk food for healthy food that you know will help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Without resolving the fact you continue to eat when full, you don't eat enough, constantly diet, binge when stressed, or use food to resolve emotional issues, and the many problems with food a person can have - your life will forever be mediocre and underwhelming to say the least. It is possible with mindful eating to lower your blood sugar, lose weight and even reverse your Type 2 diabetes.

Deadly Diabetes Rapidly Taking Its Toll on American Children
Statistics in 2012 show an alarming increase in the number of American Children suffering from the deadly Diabetes. However, there seems to be no cure for children as Oral Medicines used effectively for adults do not show any sign of positive reactions in children as in adults.

Type 2 Diabetes - Health Benefits of Goji Berries For Diabetics
Traditional Chinese medicine has long used lyceum barbarum polysaccharide (LBP) to treat high blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes. LBP is one of the chief molecules found in goji berries. Researchers at Southeast University in Nanjing, China, studied LBP as a way of lowering blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes. Their study, reported on in the journal Medical Chemistry in November 2014, included 67 people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. A total of 37 diabetics were given LBP while the rest took a placebo for 3 months. Blood sugar levels went down and HDL levels went up in the group taking LBP. From these results it was concluded LBP might have value when used alongside proven safe and effective antidiabetic medications.

The Devastating Damage Diabetes Causes
Diabetes is a chronic disease that comes with an array of serious health problems. The short list is kidney failure, blindness, loss of limbs and strokes.

Type 2 Diabetes - Eating Wisely Is Your Most Powerful Weapon
Eating wisely is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against Type 2 diabetes. If you look closely at the typical American diet, it's easy to see why diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. Saturated fat and refined sugars make up about a quarter of the average person's caloric intake. While eating natural foods is imperative to good health, in many cases it's not enough. You also need to make sure you are taking in a variety of different foods and are getting your individual nutrient needs met.

Type 2 Diabetes - Blood Sugar and Diabetes Mellitus
There are two types of diabetes mellitus (or diabetes), Type 1 and Type 2. The latter is characterized by insulin resistance and is much more common. Type 2 diabetes accounts for approximately 90% of all cases. Both forms of this disease include a dysfunction in the carbohydrate management systems in the body, which can be diagnosed by chronically high levels of blood sugar. What is blood sugar? You are likely familiar with the fact our bodies rely on sugar for energy. A form of carbohydrate that is ingested through food, our body cells and tissues use glucose as a preferential energy source.

Diabetes Doesn't Have To Be A Death Sentence
Diabetes has become a widespread problem in our society today. We can no longer be passive about getting our health back. You've got to take control of all aspects of your health. It is in your hands and is your responsibility to take good care of yourself.

Type 2 Diabetes - Eating Brown Rice Usually Means Lower Insulin Resistance
As a Type 2 diabetic, one great grain you should consider including in your diet on a regular basis is brown rice. Low on the GI scale, high in complex carbohydrates, and offering a moderate dose of both protein and fiber, this grain will help your blood sugar levels remain stable. People who eat whole grains instead of refined versions have less insulin resistance and tend to be thinner. Why? Whole grains such as brown rice, provide far more fiber and nutrients than their refined counterparts. That said, one primary reason why many people decide to pass on including brown rice in their day is simply because of its taste. Let's face the facts, bland rice is boring.

Type 2 Diabetes - The Vitamin D Deficiency, Obesity and Diabetes Connection in Children
Once Type 2 diabetes was called adult-onset diabetes, because it typically occurred in middle-age and older adults. This is no longer the case as many children and adolescents who are sedentary and overweight, are also developing this disorder. Type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents is an emerging problem worldwide.

Type 2 Diabetes - Simple Steps To A More Nutritious Lunch Salad and Lower Blood Sugar
In a perfect world, everyone would have plenty of time to prepare healthful meals from fresh ingredients every day of the week. For most of us that isn't a reality but as a Type 2 diabetic you need to choose healthy foods to help you maintain stable blood sugar. These days, most supermarkets have plenty of grab-and-go options that require little prep time. Your mid-day meal will dramatically impact how you feel throughout the afternoon, so it's one you shouldn't overlook.

Type 2 Diabetes - Keeping Your Brain Healthy
Obesity has been associated with loss of brain tissue in the cortex, the part of the brain responsible for sensations, memory, planning, and emotions. Scientists at the University of Tubingen and several other research centers in Germany, compared overall obesity with belly fat in order to learn which type of fat was specifically associated with brain shrinkage.

Type 2 Diabetes - Lowering Your Risk of Developing Diabetes Complications
Type 2 diabetes can cause many complications over time if it's not managed well. Heart disease, kidney disease and nerve and foot problems are all risks. But there are steps you can take to prevent many of these complications. Read more and find out what you can do to lower your risk for three of the most common diabetes complications.

Type 2 Diabetes - Does Diabetes Start In The Mind?
When it comes to helping to reverse your Type 2 diabetes, I bet you never considered psychology would play a role in this. For the last few years psychologists have been looking into mindfulness and trying to understand why mindfulness is therapeutic and so helpful to many people with an array of different problems, including Type 2 diabetes, being overweight, and unstable blood sugar levels.

Type 2 Diabetes - Prediabetes Only Needs To Be A Warning Sign
Have you been recently diagnosed with prediabetes? If so, you may be wondering how serious it is and what you should do about it. Prediabetes is a serious condition, as it's basically a warning sign you are headed towards developing full-blown Type 2 diabetes. Here's why prediabetes is a problem, and what you can do about it...

Type 2 Diabetes - Is A Diabetic Friendly Vegan Thanksgiving For You?
Several studies have shown vegan diets, relying solely on plant-based foods, are the best kind for anyone who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. But what do vegans eat on Thanksgiving? Commercially prepared tofu turkey has a flavor and texture similar to the real thing, with a lot less work. Just heat it up according to the directions on the package, and you're ready to go. If you get the kind that comes with stuffing, preparation is even simpler.

Type 2 Diabetes - Are You Getting the Sleep You Need?
Sleep has a strong impact on the health of a person diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Exercise, diet, blood sugar testing... and sleep. Lack of sleep can not only drain your energy and motivation to stick with your healthy living program, but can affect your hormones and actually promote insulin resistance, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. If you want to promote optimal health, one thing you must be doing is tending to your sleep each night. Make no mistake about it, lack of sleep will contribute to several health problems... now or down the road.

Type 2 Diabetes - Why Is Exercise Important to Diabetics?
There are several potential risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes. Some of these are controllable, such as regulating your body weight, whereas others are factors outside your influence, such as aging. One very important risk factor that is most definitely manageable and influential is physical activity. Exercise (or physical activity with a goal - in this case to improve your health), is not only helpful in preventing high blood sugar levels and Type 2 diabetes, but also plays an active role in the management of the disease.

A Perfect and Healthy Diabetes Diet
Every diabetic person must change his lifestyle and food habits. This article from our experts provides more in depth views on the diet, that a diabetic must consider.

Type 2 Diabetes - Getting Your Neuropathy Under Control
One of the possible complications of Type 2 diabetes is neuropathy, or nerve damage. Neuropathy is caused by chronically high blood sugar. The excess sugar in the blood eventually damages fibers of the small nerves in the body. Usually the nerves of the feet and legs are affected first, but the nerve damage can also affect the digestive system, urinary system, circulatory system, and other parts of the body.

Should You Go Vegan To Reverse Diabetes?
A vegan diet is almost guaranteed to reverse your diabetes. But planning such a diet is quite tricky as it requires a good knowledge of nutrition. Here are some of the things you should be aware of if you are thinking of switching to a full vegan diet.

Type 2 Diabetes - When The Most Commonly Prescribed Drug Is Not Enough to Lower Blood Sugars
Metformin is the usual drug of choice for new cases of Type 2 diabetes - but sometimes it is not enough. When that happens saxagliptin, dapagliflozin, or a combination of both can be added. In October 2014 the journal of the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Care, reported the results of research comparing each drug and combination therapy as additives to metformin.

Type 2 Diabetes - Coping With Post-Workout Pain After Exercising
Exercise is just as important as diet and, in many cases, as important as drugs in managing Type 2 diabetes. Exercise lowers your blood sugar and improves your insulin sensitivity, helps you store more sugar, burns more body fat, helps keep weight off, reduces the risk of heart disease, prevents or delays the development of neuropathy and retinopathy, and reduces stress. Managing any chronic disease is stressful, and Type 2 diabetes is no exception.

Type 2 Diabetes - 4 Quick Tips To Push Through Your Fat Loss Plateau
Stepping on the scale each morning praying to see the number go down - but always met with disappointment? If you find yourself never quite seeing the results you were hoping for in spite of your lower blood sugar readings, it might be time to do a quick check-up on the program you're using. If you were losing weight previously but this has since slowed, something definitely needs to be changed. Here are four quick tips you should consider that may help you get back on track once again...

Type 2 Diabetes - Improving Blood Vessel Function and the Heart in Diabetics
Far from being passive conduits, blood vessels are lined with muscles that contract and relax to accommodate blood flow. The left ventricle is the most important part of the heart, being the one that sends oxygen-carrying blood to the rest of your body. Investigators at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, compared blood vessel ability to expand during exercise and with the left ventricle's ability to do the same.

Type 2 Diabetes - Should You Get Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Bariatric surgery, or surgery to reduce weight, is effective for producing remission in Type 2 diabetes in some cases. Researchers at the University of Florida in Miami, United States, carried out a study to learn which people with Type 2 diabetes could benefit the most from the procedure. Their study, reported on in the medical journal Obesity Surgery in November 2014, included 245 obese individuals with Type 2 diabetes. One year after surgery 26 percent of these diabetics had an HbA1c of not more than 6 percent and a fasting blood sugar of less than 100 mg/dl (5 mmol/L). The average HbA1c decreased from 8 to 6.7 percent after 6 months and 6.4 after one year.

What Are Some Early Signs of Diabetes in Men?
The early signs of diabetes in men might go unnoticed. These symptoms are subtle, and they can occur without warning, and might be intermittent.

Type 2 Diabetes - What Is The Risk of Developing Diabetes After Pregnancy?
Women who develop Gestational (related to pregnancy) diabetes, are known to be at high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes throughout their lives. Researchers at Fondazione Mario Negri Sud in Italy, suspected having a stillbirth could also be a risk factor. They compared women with a history of normal pregnancies, gestational diabetes, and stillbirth to learn which ones were at high risk for Type 2 diabetes and heart and blood vessel disease.

Type 2 Diabetes - Which Carb Match-Up Is Best?
Most people don't realize food is a drug and we are addicted to it. We are not what we eat but we will certainly become what we eat. We really need to think wisely about our food choices. Everyone, not just those people who are facing the challenges associated with Type 2 diabetes, are fixated on what we should avoid eating - making those taboo foods even more desirable. Nevertheless, it is important to avoid some foods. As you're going about your diet protocol, one thing you must make sure you keep in mind at all times is the carbohydrates you're consuming regularly. Choose the wrong carbs and you'll notice you feel miserable, your blood sugar is not staying at a healthy level, and you may suffer from fat gain. Choose the right carbs and many of these problems will be a thing of the past...

A Diabetes Epidemic and the Nutrition Remedy
Diabetes is prevalent in today's society and it can occur in both adults and children. There are presently two prominently identifiable forms of the disease. The first form is called 'Type 1' diabetes, while the other is called 'Type 2' diabetes. Both types/forms of the disease can be severely life-threatening if left untreated. Most cases of diabetes can be prevented with proper dieting. Taking control of personal, unhealthy eating habits can be the most predominant method of prevention. By following healthy nutrition programs and/or guides, people can avoid the diabetes epidemic.

Type 2 Diabetes - Who Should You Share Your Diabetes Diagnosis With?
Finding out you have Type 2 diabetes can make you feel sad, scared, frustrated, or even angry. And once you come to terms with it yourself, telling other people you have this form of diabetes can be difficult. You may not be sure what their reaction will be and how you'll deal with it. Here are some tips for telling other people about your diabetes...

Signs of Juvenile Diabetes You Need to Be Aware Of
What are the signs of juvenile diabetes, and would you recognize it if you or your loved ones started exhibiting those signs? Not long ago, a 10-year-old little girl from my hometown died in her sleep. I remember seeing her parents on the news. I could only imagine the pain they must have felt.

Signs of Juvenile Diabetes That Can Kill You
Signs of Juvenile Diabetes. My friends and I went to hear one of our favorite local bands play one night at a small club. These guys were rock solid. I was sure they were going to go big time.

Type 2 Diabetes - Perfect Your Pre-Bed Snack or Meal to Avoid Blood Sugar and Weight Gain Problems
Think you need to go to bed hungry in order to control your Type 2 diabetes, your weight, or even when trying to lose weight? If so, you are mistaken. Eating a light snack before you turn in for the evening is perfectly fine and can be a healthy way to calm hunger and promote a deeper sleep as well as help to control your blood sugar. Tossing and turning due to blood sugar issues is what you must avoid however, which will happen if you feast on sugary items before bed such as the typical soda, chips, candy, or ice cream. It doesn't take much to know these are not wise options any time - let alone before you turn in but, that said, what are better options? Here's what you should know to perfect your pre-bed eating...

Type 2 Diabetes - Research Shows Walking Reduces the HbA1c Average in Diabetics
Walking is a great kind of exercise. It takes no special equipment or training, and very little practice. Our bodies evolved for walking everywhere, and we begin attempting to walk in infancy. Soon we become good at it and in most cases, the ability lasts a lifetime. Researchers at Ulm University in Ulm, Germany, and Southeast University in Nanjing, China, reviewed studies of walking, the control of Type 2 diabetes, and heart and blood vessel disease.

Type 2 Diabetes - Can Diabetics Include Pineapple In Their Eating Plan?
As someone who is working hard to manage your blood sugar levels to help control your Type 2 diabetes, you are going to be constantly on the lookout for sugar-containing foods to avoid. That said, it is okay to include fruit from time to time as long as you are being careful with how much you eat. Fruit will contain natural fruit sugars, but it also comes packed with fiber, antioxidants, and a number of other vitamins and minerals that are too important to overlook.

Type 2 Diabetes - Does Your Body Mass Index Affect Your Recovery After Surgery?
Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of the ratio of height and weight. Specifically, it is body weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared, or weight in pounds divided by height in inches squared, multiplied by 703. Having a normal body mass index of 18.9 to 24.9 has many health benefits, including helping to prevent and control Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - Dealing With the Diet Police As You Come to Terms With Diabetes
So, you've been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. You've told your friends and family about your diagnosis. You've got appointments with doctors, nurses, and dietitians. You're learning how to follow a meal plan, test your blood sugar, and maybe you need to give yourself insulin injections. And on top of all this... now you're dealing with the diet police. The diet police are people - usually friends and family members - who think it's their job to tell you what you can and can't eat. And while they usually mean well, their comments can be annoying - and even hurtful. Here are some tips on dealing with the diet police...

3 Signs of Juvenile Diabetes
My friend Mark was a good deal overweight. He played blues guitar professionally, so was out late most nights and did not live the healthiest of lifestyles. He had no idea what the signs of juvenile diabetes were, so when he started to exhibit them, he was somewhat puzzled.

Blood Sugar Management: How to Get Your Blood Sugar Back to Normal
Diabetes is considered as a lifestyle disease. Though hereditary to a large extent, it is mostly acquired. Sedentary lifestyle, obesity or overweight and stress are major factors that lead to high blood sugar levels. Better stress management and more exercise to burnout unwanted fat are some ways to control. Stress management can be done in several ways. Read more..

Type 2 Diabetes - What The Diabetes Prevention Program Could Mean For You
Since Type 2 diabetes has been on the rise in America, doctors and scientists have been interested in finding the absolutely best way to prevent developing this disease. Lifestyle interventions, such as increasing physical activity and losing weight, have been shown to be able to prevent diabetes. Metformin, an oral medication that helps control blood sugar levels, has also been shown to be effective. Researchers conducted a large study to see which is more effective - lifestyle intervention or metformin. The study enrolled over 3,000 people. They were divided into three groups - one group completed the lifestyle intervention, a second group took metformin, and the third group took a placebo.

Type 2 Diabetes - Preparing For The Holiday Eating Season
It might be tempting for people with Type 2 diabetes to imagine simply taking their prescribed medications or injecting insulin will take care of their health issue. But diabetes is a disease for which medication alone is not enough. Type 2 diabetes needs to be supported by a healthy diet, exercise and the appropriate medications. Right from the time of diagnosis, you have been eating healthy foods and taking in more exercise. But what do you do when it comes to the holiday season? 'Holiday Eating Season' - while it may not be an official term, you can rest assured there is such a thing. From late fall into the new year, you are going to have eating-focused event after event.

Some Serious Symptoms of Sugar Diabetes
My friend Mike was devastated when his doctor diagnosed him with Type 1 diabetes. And he was shocked. He wasn't overweight, ate healthy foods, and exercised. Still, he had some serious symptoms of sugar diabetes.

Dangerous Signs and Symptoms of Sugar Diabetes
The symptoms of sugar diabetes are many. Some are so subtle, you might not even notice them. All of them may indicate something serious you might need to pay special attention to.

3 Dangerous Symptoms of Sugar Diabetes
Recognizing the symptoms of sugar diabetes might save your life. Some of these symptoms are very subtle, so it's important to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Type 2 Diabetes - The Tobacco and Prediabetes Connection in Young Adults
Smoking is a risk factor for prediabetes, or slightly elevated blood sugar levels. Why this is remains to be discovered. Scientists at University Hospital in Basel and other research institutions in Switzerland, compared smoking and prediabetes in young adults to learn whether nicotine dependence could be a factor in the development of the condition. Their study, reported on in the Swiss Medicine Weekly in October 2014, included 2142 non-obese individuals without diabetes, between 25 and 41 years of age. It was found...

Type 2 Diabetes - What Happens If Your Blood Sugar Is Not Managed Well?
Managing Type 2 diabetes is a challenge for many people. Good management involves meal planning, exercising, blood sugar testing, doctor's visits, and sometimes insulin injections and oral diabetes medications. But there are definite benefits to getting in the habit of managing your diabetes well. There are definitely serious complications associated with Type 2 diabetes if the disease is not managed well. Some of the serious complications include cardiovascular disease, amputation, and blindness.

Type 2 Diabetes - Who You Need To Help You Come To Terms With Your Diabetes Diagnosis
Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes usually means making many changes to your life. One of the changes you will need to deal with is the number of health professionals you'll work with. Your primary diabetes doctor will help you build a health care team to coordinate your care and help you get the most out of the health care system. A health care team usually consists of at least a primary diabetes doctor, nurse educator, and a registered dietitian. You may also work with a pharmacist, foot doctor, or eye doctor. If you haven't worked with these health professionals before, here's what you can expect...

Type 2 Diabetes - Overcoming Gym Fear For Woman With Diabetes
If you're a female with Type 2 diabetes looking to get healthier, lower your blood sugar and shed a few pounds or gain more muscle strength, chances are you're thinking about signing up to a local gym. You want to get in there, do some strength training and get your cardio work in. But, you're feeling a little anxious - you're worried what other people will think of you as you are a little overweight. You're worried about exercising in the company of men and you may be worried you just won't know what to do when you get to the gym and suffer embarrassment from this. If these are all thoughts running through your mind, rest easy - they are all easily overcome.

Additional Benefits Of Using Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Discovered
Statins are the drugs that are keeping millions of us diabetics alive by helping us control our cholesterol levels and reduce our risk of heart disease. Recent research suggests that statins make even more valuable contributions to good health.

Type 2 Diabetes - Vitamin D and Blood Sugar Control in Gestational Diabetes
According to one research study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, May 2004, vitamin D increases insulin sensitivity by up to 60%. Vitamin D levels tend to be low in women with Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes, or diabetes of pregnancy. In October 2014 the journal BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth reported on a study showing the relationship between vitamin D and blood sugar control in women with Gestational diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - What Is Affecting Your Motivation to Reverse Your Diabetes?
You know you have Type 2 diabetes. You know your blood sugar is too high and you need to lose weight. Diabetes is a serious medical problem and one that requires constant and consistent care. But are you having trouble staying motivated? Welcome to the lives most people lead. Motivation is not something that comes naturally to the vast majority of people because we as humans love to maintain the status quo.

Type 2 Diabetes - Does the Stress of Changing Culture Lead to High Blood Sugar Levels?
Changing from one society to another often involves making changes in culture to adapt to one's new country. Changes in diet, activities, and probably other subtler habits, can make for a new health status. In the United States Latinos are the fast growing subculture and have the highest lifetime risk of developing insulin resistance, high blood sugar levels and Type 2 diabetes. Scientists at Temple University in Philadelphia, United States, looked at changes in culture in Latinos living in the United States to learn what changes could be associated with the increased risk of developing full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - You Can Have Healthy Happy Diabetic Feet
Having Type 2 diabetes puts you at risk for foot complications like ulcers, wounds, and infections. Fifteen to twenty-five percent of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes end up developing an ulcer, and 14 to 24 percent of people with ulcers end up needing an amputation. In order to keep your feet healthy and prevent these issues, it helps to understand what causes foot problems and why having high and unstable blood sugar levels puts you at risk...

Type 2 Diabetes - Have You Created A Sick-Day Care Plan?
No one likes to get sick. Having a cold, flu, or another illness is bad enough. And for those people who have Type 2 diabetes, getting sick is even worse as it makes their blood sugar levels harder to manage. Changes to your regular meals and your body's response to illness can both make managing your diabetes challenging. You may not feel like eating or drinking when you're sick. If you can't eat very much, it will be difficult to get in enough carbohydrates, which can lead to hypoglycemia.

Type 2 Diabetes - What About Herbal Therapies to Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels?
Are you interested in finding a way to lower your blood sugar naturally? If so, you're not alone. Many Type 2 diabetics are interested in taking herbs and other supplements to manage their blood sugar. But supplements aren't required to be tested before they're sold - so the manufacturers can claim they have health benefits that aren't tested. For this reason, it's important to look at research studies to test these claims before deciding to take any supplements. It's thought taking cinnamon may be able to lower your blood sugar levels by decreasing insulin resistance.

Type 2 Diabetes - Three Reasons To Start A Diabetic Food Journal
Having received a diagnosis of prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes, you are urged to keep track of what you eat. You may commonly think food journaling is a hassle. Writing down what you eat every day - who has time for that? But, many people do not fully understand all the benefits that come along with food journaling and just why it is such a smart idea for them to take part in it. Let's walk you through three such reasons so you can see more clearly just why food journaling is so vital to you successfully lowering both your blood sugar levels and your body weight...

Type 2 Diabetes - Try This Pizza Recipe To Combat Food Cravings
There is no absolute 'right' way to eat to manage your blood sugar, your weight and your Type 2 diabetes. Only you can really know what eating plan suits you - you know what works best for you and helps you to feel good. Actually, the best diet for Type 2 diabetics is the same diet that is good for everyone - provided it contains healthy food. Now, having said that, do you have a killer craving for pizza that just won't budge? How about pizza for breakfast? It really can happen if you know how to go about preparing it properly.

Type 2 Diabetes - Four Tips To Help Diabetics Save Time On Food Prep!
Being told by your doctor you have Type 2 diabetes can come as a shock. It is often difficult to accept you have to take this disease seriously. Changing the type of foods you eat, including more physical activity in your life, monitoring your blood sugar and maybe taking diabetes medications, can interfere with your life as you knew it. You have been advised to eat a healthy, balanced diet and that it's not really negotiable. This means no processed foods. In fact, many people can manage their Type 2 diabetes simply by choosing the right kinds and amounts of food, along with increasing their physical activity, and not need to take any medication at all...

Type 2 Diabetes - Why A Diet Break Is A Must-Do!
So you've been dieting for two months now and are feeling great. Results are coming along, you're motivated, and finally you feel like you're getting somewhere in the game of lower and stable blood sugar levels, fat and body weight loss. At this point, it's time for a break.

Type 2 Diabetes - Will This Test Be Used To Predict Who Will Develop Diabetes?
The earlier people know they are likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, the earlier they can begin making lifestyle changes to prevent it. Researchers at the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio Hospital in Kuopio, Finland, compared molecules from muscle, liver, and fat cells in people who later either developed Type 2 diabetes or stayed healthy. Their goal was to discover whether high levels of certain molecules could be a clue as to the future development of Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - What You Buy Is What You Eat
Grocery shopping can be overwhelming. Most people with Type 2 diabetes would no doubt appreciate a simple 'diabetic stamp of approval' on products suitable for them to include in their eating plan to help control their blood sugar levels and their weight. With over 35,000 products available at the average grocery store, how do you decide what to buy? When you're trying to eat healthily, should you choose low-fat, low-carb, all natural, organic, gluten free, or another type of health food? It may sound like stating the obvious, but what you buy is what you eat.

Type 2 Diabetes - Tobacco Smoking, Kidney Damage, and Artery Damage in Diabetics
Heart and blood vessel disease are among the more serious complications of Type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the University of Sydney and other research centers in Australia, compared the arteries of smokers and non-smokers among Type 2 diabetics to learn whether smoking could hasten the process of stiffening the smooth muscle lining on the inside of arteries.

Type 2 Diabetes - Everyone Knows Smoking Is Bad For You
Did you know smoking increases your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes? And if you do have this form of diabetes, smoking puts you on a faster track for complications such as stroke and heart attack. So do yourself a favor and stamp out smoking. One of the problems is by the time most people are first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the habit has become a part of their life. Smoking raises blood sugar levels and can lead to insulin resistance, which then leads to full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - Are You at Risk of Having Undiagnosed Diabetes?
Type 2 diabetes is on the rise in the United States. Over 25 million people have been diagnosed. But almost scarier is there are currently seven million Americans with undiagnosed diabetes. Undiagnosed diabetes can be dangerous, since uncontrolled elevated blood sugar levels can lead to many complications such as heart disease, loss of vision, kidney failure, amputations, and impotence. Read more about the early warning signs of Type 2 diabetes and find out if you may have the disease...

The Team of Doctors That Will Treat Your Diabetes
Having to face diabetes is scary enough without having to face the unknown. This information is designed to help calm your fears by letting you know a little bit about how your doctors will treat your condition.

Can An Alkaline Diet Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms?
Do you want to avoid frequent urination, increased thirst, increased hunger? These are common symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. The cause of type 2 diabetes is currently thought to be excessive body weight and not enough exercise.

Type 2 Diabetes - Four Great Diabetic Smoothie Ingredients
When you go about looking for reasons for the spike in your blood sugar levels, there are several places to look. Experts point to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, the huge food portions on our plates, and the sweetened beverages such as juice drinks, sodas and various other sugary drinks. Although there is no strong evidence to show sugars cause Type 2 diabetes, high intakes do put extra strain on the pancreas to produce more insulin, exacerbating the underlying problem in people with diabetes or at risk of developing the disease. If you decide to break out the blender and try some healthy diabetic smoothies for breakfast, or a healthy afternoon snack to tide you over to your evening meal, here is some useful information.

Type 2 Diabetes - Staying Upright With Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Type 2 diabetes can produce peripheral neuropathy, a painful, numb condition, usually affecting the feet. Researchers at the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro compared the ability of many diabetic participants to stand upright with their age, degree of peripheral neuropathy, obesity, and gender. Their study, reported on in the Journal of Diabetes Research in October 2014, included 151 participants with Type 2 diabetes. It was found men had more difficulty standing upright than did women, and the men had even more difficulty when their eyes were closed.

Type 2 Diabetes - The Biggest Treadmill Mistakes That Prevent You Improving Your Insulin Sensitivity
Whether you have prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes, your diet and fitness program will help you bring your blood sugar into the best possible range. Physical activity results in improved insulin sensitivity, the measure of how well your insulin works to usher glucose energy into your cells. For many Type 2 diabetics, this translates into a reduction in their insulin or oral diabetes medication dose. The more active you become, the better you train your body to deal with sugar. Even small changes in your activity level can really help. Many doctors advise diabetics to exercise outdoors or indoors using fitness equipment such as a treadmill, as it is the same as walking or running outdoors. When you arrive at the gym, do you hop right on the treadmill and begin your workout? If so, you could be making some big mistakes.

Type 2 Diabetes - What's Safe and What's Not to Help Teens Get To A Healthy Body Weight
The current rate of teenage obesity is growing and if something is not done to stop it, pretty soon it will be rare to come across an adult of a healthy body weight. Kids are being taught eating chips, chocolate, and candy during their breaks is okay and, often come home only to be taken right out to the local Drive-Thru. These patterns only continue as they become young adults, so is it any surprise by the time they are adults, they have developed Type 2 diabetes and ingrained food habits that are close to costing them their lives? The number of people who have Type 2 diabetes in the United States and in the world is increasing.

Type 2 Diabetes - Do You Eat for Pleasure and Not Hunger?
It is becoming more commonly known there is a psychological reason behind why people tend to overeat. The reason behind the overeating, even if not known to the person doing it, is often what leads to the person being overweight. But now a new study has found eating for pleasure is in fact easier to do than overeating for just hunger...

How Much Sodium And Potassium Do You Need?
New research shows that too little potassium, as well as too much or too little salt, can cause health problems. So how much of each should we eat and what are the best foods for delivering these essential micro-nutrients?

Type 2 Diabetes - Do Emotions Matter In Keeping Up With Your Medication Regimen?
When diet and exercise alone are not enough, then taking prescribed medications is important for controlling your blood sugar and to help prevent or control complications associated with Type 2 diabetes. How do emotions matter in keeping up with your medication regimen? According to a report in the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders, irritability can play a role.

Type 2 Diabetes - Three Seemingly Healthy Carbohydrate Sources For Diabetics to Avoid
As a Type 2 diabetic who is aiming to manage both your blood sugar levels and your body weight, you'll be keeping a very close eye on how many carbohydrates you are eating on a day-to-day basis, as well as the carbohydrates you consume per meal. Since carbohydrates are the primary nutrient the person diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes needs to focus on, it pays to know which sources will be the best for your body. Sadly, many diabetics make some grave mistakes in their carbohydrate choices, which can lead to fat gain and worse - problems with their blood sugar control. Let's walk you through three carbohydrate choices that may seem healthy, but really are not ideal options...

Type 2 Diabetes - Aerobic Exercise Is Still Possible With Diabetic Neuropathy
Aerobic physical activity, the type of activity that makes your breathing and heartbeat go faster, is often recommended for the prevention and control of Type 2 diabetes. One complication of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy, nerve damage that causes a pins and needles sensation, pain, or numbness in your feet or hands. Fortunately, according to research reported on in the journal Physical Therapy in October 2014, aerobic exercise is safe for diabetics who take reasonable precautions.

Type 2 Diabetes - Four Fatty Sources Of Protein Diabetics Should Be Eating
If you're hoping to boost your dietary intake and improve your blood sugar control, protein is going to be one of the most important macronutrients for you to take in. Simply put, by pairing protein together with your carbohydrate sources in any meal you choose to consume, you will certainly gain better blood sugar control. Forgo protein and you could find yourself on the roller coaster ride you want to avoid.

Type 2 Diabetes - Managing Your Weight With Healthy Eating Plans, Part 2
If you're a Type 2 diabetic who is overweight, losing weight is one of the most important steps you can take to help manage your diabetes and even reverse it. Since there are so many options for diet plans and eating styles, here is a review of even more weight loss plans...

Proven Method of Reverting Diabetes
The ketogenic diet has helped thousands of people to revert diabetes. It's also clinically proven to stop malign tumors from developing, decrease blood pressure and even to prevent epilepsy patients from suffering seizures.

Type 2 Diabetes - Managing Your Weight With Healthy Eating Plans, Part 1
Are you a Type 2 diabetic who's trying to lose weight? Good for you! Losing weight isn't easy - but it's the best way to manage your Type 2 diabetes and even reverse it. As there are so many different diets and eating plans available, it can be helpful to take a look at each of them to see if they work and if they're safe for diabetics.

Type 2 Diabetes - Regaining Healthy Blood Sugar and Weight After Gestational Diabetes
Having developed temporary diabetes during pregnancy, known as Gestational diabetes, puts women at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes later on in their life. Researchers at the University of Madrid in Spain performed a study to discover whether the Mediterranean diet could be used to prevent Type 2 diabetes in women with a history of Gestational diabetes. Their results were reported on in the journal Comprehensive Nutrition in October 2014.

Type 2 Diabetes - Check Your Weight and Prevent The Complications Associated With Weight Gain
Being overweight is a major risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes - about 30% of people who are overweight will find themselves with high blood sugar and insulin levels and on their way to developing full-blown Type 2 diabetes. And if you do have Type 2 diabetes, losing weight is one of the best things you can do to get your diabetes under complete control and even reverse it.

Type 2 Diabetes - How To Choose The Best Yogurt for Diabetics
A recent study added the metabolic syndrome, which is associated with Type 2 diabetes, to the list of health problems dairy products may protect against. It has been found overweight people who consumed the most dairy products were approximately 70 percent less likely to develop the metabolic syndrome than those people who consumed few dairy products. Unfortunately, dietary trends over recent years show people are substituting more sodas and processed snack foods for dairy products such as milk and yogurt. One of the top foods prediabetics and Type 2 diabetics should be including in their diet on a day-to-day basis is yogurt.

The Diabetes Protocol Review
Kenneth Pullman took on the billion dollar diabetes industries' "Big Pharma" companies by researching how to cure diabetes, not just manage it. Instead of finding ways to stimulate insulin production in the pancreas like other researchers or focusing on medication treatments, he found that you can totally and permanently reverse both Type I and Type II diabetes in just a few weeks. This can be done whether you're young or old, have had the disease for many years or not and even if you have staggeringly high blood sugar levels.

Type 2 Diabetes - 4 Tips For Meeting Your Hydration Needs
As you go about taking steps to improve your Type 2 diabetic eating plan so you can lower both your blood sugar levels and your weight, one thing you must not be overlooking in the process is taking steps to stay well hydrated. Hydration is something that far too often goes overlooked in many people's approach and this can significantly hinder your progress.

Is Conventional Medicine Wrong When It Comes to Diabetes?
What if everything you have ever been told about conventional medicine and diabetes is wrong? Is lowering your blood sugar not the answer to treating diabetes?

What You Need To Know About Fats And Type 2 Diabetes
Some fat is vital for the healthy functioning of your body. But what are fats and what are their roles in your body? And how can you reconcile the need for fat in your diet with the requirement that you must minimise the fat you eat in order to reverse your type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 Diabetes - Does the Mother's Diet During Pregnancy Affect Her Baby's Genes?
Many of us were taught in high school and college, biology acquired characteristics could not be inherited. If the mother or father had an appendix removed, the baby is born with an appendix because removing an appendix does not change the genes. Now it appears, although we inherit the same genes our mother and father have - except for the rare mutation, molecules called epigenes affect which genes are expressed.

Type 2 Diabetes - The Best Appetite Crushing Foods
Struggling to stick with your Type 2 diabetic weight loss diet because you're always hungry? While some hunger is to be expected any time you use a reduced calorie intake, if you are facing so much hunger you feel like cheating on your diet all day long, something needs to change. First, assess your calorie intake. Are you eating enough? Remember, going lower than 11 calories per pound of body weight on a diet plan tends to be too low for most people.

Type 2 Diabetes - Medical Nutrition Therapy for Preventing Diabetes
Diabetes is defined with the use of glycosylated hemoglobin or HbA1c, a blood test that indicates blood sugar levels over the previous 3 months. A normal level is less than 5.7 percent. Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed when the HbA1c is 6.5 percent or higher. Prediabetes is defined as the gray area between 5.7 percent and 6.4 percent. Individuals with prediabetes are at risk for eventually developing full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - 3 Delicious Ways To Use Cinnamon and Help Lower Your Blood Sugar
Cinnamon is one of the must have's of any Type 2 diabetic's diet because it's going to help stabilize your blood sugar levels, help to add sweetness to your foods without adding calories, and is all around enjoyable for most people. People usually enjoy the taste of cinnamon when it's added to baked products, and even apple cider. Or you can sprinkle cinnamon powder on fresh fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and cantaloupe.

Type 2 Diabetes - Do Supplements Improve Your Blood Sugar?
If you're living with Type 2 diabetes, you may be interested in finding a supplement you can take to help improve your blood sugar naturally. There are many different types of supplements available, all with different claims of health benefits. It can be difficult to sort through the options and find out if there are supplements that can actually improve your blood sugar. To help you out, here is a list of a few supplements claiming to be able to lower blood sugar or help diabetics in other ways, and the research that's been done to see how effective they are...

How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally?
Diabetes is one of the most common disease all over the world which have severe complications. Anti-diabetic drugs used to treat diabetes has severe side effects and also sometimes causes death. Natural treatment option is the best option to restore blood sugar. To get more effective, risk free, proven and less expensive natural method, read this article.

Type 2 Diabetes - Stop the Development of Diabetes in Its Tracks
Type 2 diabetes is rapidly reaching epidemic proportions with approximately one in five people developing the disease. As well there are many more people who haven't yet been diagnosed. People don't wake up one day and discover they're suddenly Type 2 diabetic. Progression from normal to prediabetic and then to diabetic occurs over many years. To reduce your risk make changes to your lifestyle...

Can Diabetes and Insulin Resistance Be Reversed?
Diabetes is an epidemic; an epidemic that can be prevented by taking action in the early stages of diabetes. Learn how insulin resistance and diabetes can be prevented.

Type 2 Diabetes - The Effect of Your Heart Output on Blood Sugar Levels
According to investigators at the University of Rochester - Rochester, New York, United States, a competent heart could be very helpful in controlling Type 2 diabetes. Their study, reported on in the September/October issue of the medical ASAIO Journal, included 50 people who had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - The Danger of Developing Prediabetes
Have you been diagnosed as having prediabetes? This can be scary to hear - but it's a good opportunity to find out what you can do to prevent Type 2 diabetes developing. Find out more about this health problem, how it starts, and what you can do about it. Prediabetes was defined by the American Diabetes Association in 2002. Type 2 diabetes doesn't start all of a sudden. There's usually a long period of higher than normal blood sugar levels before any diabetes symptoms appear and this period is now called prediabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - Finding Prediabetes in Older People
Prediabetes is the condition most people have before they develop full-blown Type 2 diabetes. People with prediabetes have higher blood sugar than normal but it's not high enough to be considered diabetes. They also don't have any of the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. Finding out you have prediabetes is a call to action - it's a chance to change your unhealthy habits, get your blood sugar under control and avoid going on to develop diabetes. But, many people don't know they have prediabetes. The problem is especially prevalent in older people. One reason for this is the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes increases with age. The risk first increases around age 45, then at age 65 the risk becomes greater. About 25% of Americans over the age of 60 have this form of diabetes.

Do You Know Your Proteins?
Most of us get plenty of protein in our diets. But do you know the difference between complete and incomplete proteins and how to ensure that your are getting all the essential amino acids you need when you are following a plant-focused diet that is reversing your diabetes?